«SINTEZ-M» program is intended for generation of acceleration time histories from the given response spectra.

Seismic design common practice assumes usage of response spectra as input data for seismic loads. Such approach is justified in connection with Response Spectrum Method calculations. However some tasks require considering different nonlinear effects or non-proportional damping. In such cases Time History Analysis method is applicable for solving of the structure motion equations in the time domain. In that case seismic input is represented by an acceleration time-dependent record, called accelerogram or time history.




CVSpec is specialized software developed for Mechanical and Structural Engineers

CVSpec is specialized software and used as a powerful tool for developing and processing of Seismic Response Spectra.

The program equipped with all necessary options for handling the Response Spectra: developing of Response Spectra from the Accelerograms according to the given set of damping; scaling; interpolation of accelerations for given range or set of frequencies; interpolation of accelerations for intermediate values of damping; mutual recalculation of accelerations/velocities/displacements spectra; enveloping; statistical operations; options required by different Regulations.